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the arts show

Please click the show date to listen to the orginal broadcast, see guest pictures and read the show blog for that episode.

April 8th, 2010: a new listener

Julia Bird – Director, Poet

Kate Rowles – Artist Filmmaker, Video artist

Jasmine Cooray – Writer, Poet, and Creative Innovator

April 1st, 2010: music mash

Paul Skawinski – Musician

Mick Frangou – Visual Artist and Musician

March 29th, 2010: r.i.p.p.c.

Sarah Ruff – Clown

Lee Berwick – Audiophile

Carmina Masoliver-Marlow – Poet

March 18th, 2010: making changes

Laura Burdon-Manley and Ben Charland – Artistic Directors

Roisin Murray – Storyteller, Workshop Leader and Educator

Fiona Yaron-Field – Photograper

January 28th, 2010: material issues

Silvia Ziranek – Performance Artist, Sculptor, Photographer and Writer

Alexander Wendt – Sonic Arts and Electronic Music

Jennifer Kavanagh – Author, Independent Literary Agent, Associate Tutor

January 20th, 2010: tune in

Mikey Kirkpatrick – Flautist Composer/Producer

Mel Simpson and Sean Bright – Choreographer and Guitarist

Penny Pepper and Jo Cox – Writer, Performance Poet and Cello Player

January 12th, 2010: portraits of the artists

David Harker – Artist

Daniel Holme – Performer

December 9th, 2009: to be and not to be

Dominique Baron Bonarjee – Performer, Artist

Clive Niall – Author, Teacher

Aude Fondard and Barbara Bianchi – Artists

December 3rd, 2009: recycle, restore

Ying Tan and Amy McDonnell

Carlos Franklin

Klaus Kruse

Fran Isherwood

November 26th, 2009: guardians

Carl Hoare

Suresh Patel

Vivi Lachs

Rowen Bridler and Xoán Castiñeira

November 18th, 2009: november 17th

Blanche Vissaro – Pianist

Ian Giles

Rebecca Greig

Sophie Mayer

Verity Coombe

November 17th, 2009: instant calmer

Mismis Tshaba

Soheila Keyani

Heidi Rustgaard and Hanna Gillgren – Directors

November 11th, 2009: artistic consciousness

Malcolm Jamieson

Ash Gardner

Andreas Grant – Poet

Paul Squire

Katherine Hayes

October 28th, 2009: on partnerships

Mohammed Yahya

Naomi Woddis and Dzifa Benson

Nora Connelly – Poet

Sergei Ivanov and Ms Chan

Nicola Anthony

October 21st, 2009: for the love of it

Russ Willey

Stephen Guy

Polly Rodgers

Joe Shellard – Magician

October 21st, 2009: building conversations

Rehan Qayoom – Poet

Sunnie Dae

Ken Worpole

Jemma Skidmore

October 6th, 2009: sleepless in whitechapel

Alex Walker and Alex Thomas


Alex Farrell and Kleibans

Fran Millican-Slater

Gareth Williams

Adrian Morris

September 30th, 2009: in the envelope

Karen Andrea – Lawyer/Writer

Luke Styles – Musician

Tim Orpen – Clarinettist

Jacob Sam La Rose – Poet

The Darlingtons

Francesco Benenato – Visual Artist

September 23rd, 2009: the dark

Inua Ellams

Daniella Pisani and Nathan Morris

Lingo Scott

Georgia Coles-Riley

Riz Maslen

September 15th, 2009: follow, follow, follow

Anna Cornish and Konstantina Kapinidou

Sabrina Mahfouz – Performance Poet

Stan Stanley

September 9th, 2009: reach

James Hesford – Composer

Lucy Tomlins and Marsha Bradfield

David Snoo Wilson

September 2nd, 2009: big fan

Christopher Preston

Jose Campos and Oliver Herbert – Dancers

August 24th, 2009: drumroll, please

Malik Tebrizli – Drummer

Nihat Tsolak – Drummer

Rosie Cooper

Nathan Penlington – Poet

Steve McGregor

Maddy Wynne-Jones – Choreographer

August 21st, 2009: mugshots

Amelia Robinson

Ian Bruce

Jude Simpson

Mel Venables

August 13th, 2009: poems of the underground

Jo Dobbin – Poet

August 11th, 2009: green room stories

Jo Dobbin – Poet

Joe Coppard

Maddy Wynne-Jones – Choreographer

August 5th, 2009: fulsome talent

Robin Boothroyd – Poet

Matt Battle

July 28th, 2009: show

Steve McGregor

The River Ouse – Singer/songwriter

Polly Rodgers

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The Bethlem Gallery and Museum is situated in the original administration building at the site which has been radically redesigned to contain a permanent exhibition space, a temporary exhibition space for the Bethlem Museum’s collection and a contemporary art exhibition space for artists who have experienced mental difficulties.

In the vastly increased exhibition spaces, you will now be able to view centuries of significant historic artworks and objects together with inspiring contemporary works by current artists and service users. The new building is open to the public and free of charge.

The Bethlem Museum has been on site for 40 years in one small building and the Bethlem Gallery has been on site for 17 years as part of the Occupational Therapy department, both organisations have gained an international reputation for excellence in the field of arts in health. For the first time they are under one roof bringing together their specific areas of expertise to curate exhibitions informed and enlivened by the historical import of the collection and archives and new perspectives from artists and patients of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM).

The new building secures the unique collections for future generations and enables the public to see more of the incredible artwork both from the historic collection and from current artists involved with our services today.

The new displays will be filled with the personal stories – both historic and contemporary – of those who have experienced mental health difficulties and will explore the long, controversial and often misunderstood history of Bethlem (founded 1247). Bethlem Gallery and Museum of the Mind opens on 19 February 2015. Entry is free of charge to all visitors.

Themed gallery spaces will explore the reasons why people arrive at Bethlem, aiming to inspire discussion, debate and reflection on mental health issues which are as relevant today as they were in the past. The Museum will house significant art and historical artefacts, almost all of which will be on display for the first time, as well as works by current artists and hospital service users.

Among the highlights of the collections are paintings and drawings by Richard Dadd, Louis Wain and Jonathan Martin, each of whom was a former Bethlem or Maudsley Hospital patient; and the oldest objects in the collection, the world-renowned and imposing statues, ‘Raving and Melancholy Madness’ by Caius Gabriel Cibber, (c.1676) – which originally stood above the gates of the 17th century ‘Bedlam’ at Moorfields – will now take their place either side of the art deco staircase directly ahead of visitors entering the new Museum.

Notable paintings from the internationally renowned art collection include ‘The Maze’ by William Kurelek (1953), ‘Sketch of an idea for Crazy Jane’ by Richard Dadd (1855), ‘Numb’ by Lisa Biles (2009) and ‘Phrenology’ by Louis Wain (1911). Each of these will be on permanent display.

For out about visiting Bethlem Royal Hospital
You can explore a selection of images of the new building in the Museum and Gallery image library. If you would like high res versions for press use please contact richard.morley@slam.nhs.uk

Bethlem Gallery and Museum of the Mind
Bethlem Royal Hospital
Monks Orchard Road

Opening hours:
Wed-Fri, 1st and last Sat of month 10am-5pm.
Pre-booked groups Mon, Tue 10am-5pm

Nearest Station: Eden Park (Zone 5), direct trains from Charing Cross, Cannon Street and London Bridge then 15min walk or 356 bus.
or East Croydon, then 119, 194 or 198 bus.

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